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    NMC Interpretation of MPCB order cheer up Nagpur hospitals

    Vidarbha Hospitals Association; leading 160 member hospitals group has expressed thanks to Maharashtra Environment and Climate Change Ministry, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Nagpur Municipal Corporation for their recent clarification wherein they have elucidated that lack of MPCB documents namely “Consent & BMW authorization” and “Consent to Establish” will not affect the renewal of hospitals. NMC quoting MPCB order dated 11/11/2021 has clarified that although these documents are mandatory, non-submission of these documents will not affect the renewal of hospitals. VHA had been repeatedly raising the issue of various norm interpretations vis-à-vis Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

    Dr. Pradeep Arora- VHA Legal Advisor had raised this issue with concerned authorities wherein he had sought details of the section, rule or regulation in Nursing Home Acts and Rules that supports the obligation of enclosing MPCB documents placed upon hospitals as prerequisite of Nursing Home Registration. As far as Biomedical waste rules are concerned, NMC jurisdiction is limited to ensure that the healthcare facility applies for MPCB Authorization, he stated. Dr. Pradeep Arora added that hospitals were unaware of any order till date which mandates the Local Supervisory Authority to withhold hospital registration for reasons pertaining to consent and non-availability of document of Authorization.

    Thus the rightful clarification of NMC dated 22/11/2021 has brought cheer to Nagpur medical fraternity for which Dr. Anup Marar-VHA Convener, Dr. Alok Umre- VHA Secretary and Dr. Ashok Arbat- VHA President on behalf of Nagpur hospitals have officially conveyed thanks to authorities on 24/11/2021.

    Dr. Ashok Arbat- VHA President further said such proactive understanding outlook of Government will go a long way in building confidence amongst private health care sector.

    All VHA officials including Dr. Shrikant Mukewar, Dr. Pramod Giri, Dr. Sameer Paltewar, Dr. Dilip Rathi, Dr. Shantanu Sengupta, Shri.Ravi Mannadiyar, Dr. Avinash Pophali, Dr. Prakash Khetan, Dr. Deepak Jeswani, Dr. Prashant Rathi, Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala, Dr. Akash Balki, Dr. Amol Deshmukh, Dr.B.K. Murli, Dr. Tushar Gawad, Dr. Shishir Kolhe, Dr. Rajesh Swarnkar, Dr. Anand Sancheti and Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar have thanked Government for this judicious interpretation.

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